How Long Until a Tooth Infection Kills You?

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How Long Until a Tooth Infection Kills You?

Death as a result of tooth infection can happen. Surprisingly, it happens more often than many people are aware of or can imagine. It is why people need to pay serious attention to the state of their oral cavity.

This will require keeping up with frequent dental hygiene practices like flossing & brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth often. Do you want to know how serious a tooth infection can get and if it can kill a person? Then keep reading this Dental Health Directory General Health post for the right answer.

Why Do People Feel Tooth Pain?

Topping the list of reasons why people have tooth pain or even an abscess tooth is not taking dental hygiene seriously. Just as with the saying “a stitch in time saves nine”; practicing proper dental hygiene will save people a lot of trouble.

But besides this, injury to the dental cavity or even a poorly done dental procedure can cause toothache or tooth infections. People who show symptoms (like gum swelling) suggesting toothache or a tooth infection need professional help. This is why they need to call a dentist on time for treatment.

But even before seeing a dentist, some home remedies can help alleviate the pain. The use of cold compress and clove oil are some of the options.

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How Long Does It Take for a Tooth Infection to Kill?

How Long Does It Take for a Tooth Infection to Kill?

The tooth has to be fully infected before it can do that much damage. The time it takes for this to happen varies. But by and large, it is a matter of months of spreading and not getting treated. Things get severe by the day as the harmful bacteria render the tooth very bad or even dead.

Eventually, the bacteria find their way to the root and supportive layers. The gums and the pulp – which houses many essential nerves; are examples of such parts. Once the pulp is infected and the person is still untreated, other body parts will face the same fate eventually.

Usually, next in line are parts like the jaw, ear, neck, and face. Even the brain and bloodstream can get infected by the infection-causing bacteria. Emergency care will be required at this stage of the infection. But if treatment is sought earlier, some rounds of antibiotics may be all that is required.

Ways in Which Tooth Infection Can Affect the Whole Body

Ways in Which Tooth Infection Can Affect the Whole Body


This is general body inflammation caused by bacterial infection. It could do as much as cause organ failure as a result of tissue damage. Sepsis can be caused by an abscessed tooth if the abscess finds its way into the bloodstream or sinus cavity.

Brain Abscess

Permanent paralysis or even death, are possible side effects involved. This is why you should not make light of the need to see a dentist when you show symptoms suggesting toothache or tooth infection.

Ludwig’s Angina

Areas around the floor of the mouth like the jaw and the neck are usually at the receiving end. Treatment involves using antibiotics and having the abscess drained.

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A bacteria-infected bloodstream is bad news for many reasons. Osteomyelitis is one of the reasons. Osteomyelitis is a bone infection and children, elderly people, and those with diabetes are very susceptible.


This is a deadly condition caused by inflammation of the heart. A tooth infection can be one of the root causes.

These are just a few ways tooth infection can cause severe damage or even death. So, oral care is of utmost importance.

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