Why Does My Tooth Hurt after a Filling?

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt after a Filling?

A tooth filling is mostly used to make up for parts of the tooth lost to decay – cavity. This is one of its major uses in dentistry. However, some issues might arise after this dental procedure. One such is tooth sensitivity and it is pretty much normal. However, it should only be an issue for a short period.

At most, the toothache, pain, or discomforting experience felt in the teeth should not extend beyond 4 weeks. The sensitive state of the teeth gets better with time. Some of the possible reasons for extended sensitivity problems after dental fillings are detailed here in this Dental Health Directory dental treatment post. So, it will help if you continue to read.

How Long Should Tooth Sensitivity Remain After Tooth Fillings?

Every person is different and so there is no specific period. This is why everyone does not feel the same way after a filling. However, it is safe to say that between 2 to 4 weeks is enough time for the teeth to adjust to this new normal.

Within this timeframe, it is expected for the teeth not to hurt again after drinking or eating hot or cold foods. For some, tooth sensitivity does not remain an issue after a few days.

How Long Should Tooth Sensitivity Remain After Tooth Fillings?

When Does Sensitivity After a Tooth Filling Become a Problem?

Sensitivity after a tooth filling is a problem if the discomfort persists for over a month. The discomfort should subside gradually (at least). If this does not happen, then you need to contact your dentist for help. The dentist should ask questions and even perform an oral examination. This will enable your dentist to make informed oral care decisions in your best interest.

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Possible Reasons for Extended Tooth Sensitivity Problems after a Tooth Filling

The discomfort of tooth sensitivity is pretty normal after a tooth filling. However, it should just be for a short period. Here are some possible reasons the problem may persist even after a month:

Possible Reasons for Extended Tooth Sensitivity Problems after a Tooth Filling

Allergic Reaction

This is certainly the least in the order of common reasons for this discomfort. The person or patient may be exhibiting allergic reactions to the material or materials used during the filling.

Interference with Teeth’s Functionality

The teeth are supposed to bite. It has a natural structure that understands this. As a result, the teeth will feel sensitive if the tooth filling interrupts the teeth’s functional role of biting. Dental readjustments may have to be done if this is the case.


The filling has to be done in such a manner that it will not give in to pressure; leading to cracks. A crack in the filling or even further cavity in the main tooth can cause tooth sensitivity.


This is equally not a common experience, but a possibility. Infection leading to Pulpitis – inflamed dental tissue; can happen after fillings and cause this problem.

Only the dentist can tell if this is the case after an oral examination that would also involve areas like the gum, and possibly other parts of the mouth. A root canal procedure may be required as part of the treatment.

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Overly Sensitive Teeth

A person’s teeth may just be overly sensitive. One of the recommendations for such people is to brush regularly. Such people also need to brush with a toothpaste specially formulated for those with sensitive teeth. Occasionally rinsing the mouth with warm and salty water is also a good idea.

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