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Orthodontic Brace Pain Relief Products

Listed below are some of the most popular orthodontic - oral health care supplies recommended by and often sold through orthodontists and orthodontic dentists. These supplies should be readily available through your health care provider.

In rural areas, orthodontic patients should be able to order these products on the internet.

  • Brace Relief Ortho Gel

    Ortho Oral Gel Brace Pain Treatment

    Fast, self-administered relief for the discomfort of offending brackets.

    Stops minor irritation from becoming chronic ulcerations.

    Cost? about $5.00

  • Brace Gard Silicone Wax

    Silicone Wax for Braces Get fast relief from bracket discomfort.

    Medical grade silicone doesn't become hard and crumbly. BraceGuard can be removed and reapplied when necessary. A great comfort aid for lingual brace wearers, it can also be molded across the entire arch to form a mouthguard for athletes and musicians. Completely transparent and remains pliable in extreme temperatures

    Cost? about $5.00

  • Bite Wafers

    Bite Wafers Reduce Pain Sensation Chewing a Bite Wafer helps to relieve the discomfort associated with separation and wire changes by increasing blood circulation around recently moved teeth.

    Wafers also stimulates, massages, and toughens irritated tissue. 3 flavors - cherry, grape, and bubble gum.

    Cost? about $2.00 each, $6.00 for all 3 flavors

  • Brace Pocket Kit

    Pocket Kit for Braces Fast, self-administered relief for the discomfort of offending brackets.

    Stops minor irritation from becoming ulcerated. Reduces discomfort. Each kit contains 6-rods of Brace Gard silicone brace wax and (1) 1/8oz tube of Brace Relief Gel.

    Cost? about $4.00

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