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Crown Lengthening and Implants: My filling came out and the tooth cuspid broke at the gum line.

I coincidentally was referred to a periodontist due to my regular dentist is out of the country. The periodontist referred me for a root canal evaluation and to come back and do a crown lengthening.

I saw an endodontist today who confirmed I need a preventative root canal and lengthening. He said he could do the lengthening at the same time as the root canal. He explained how he would trim back the gum, but no mention of bone trimming.

I asked him about the bone, and he said he wouldn't be doing that. Does shaving bone cause implant attachment problems down the road if the crown doesn't work out? ... Visitor from FL

I don't quite understand the reason for the crown lengthening other than to possibly allow for crown placement.

Perhaps your gum tissue and bone level of your canines is not symmetrical and the periodontists wants to cosmetically improve the symmetry. I think he probably wants to do it for restorative reasons.

That being said, you are correct in thinking about preservation of the bone for future implant placement. Reducing the bone around a tooth for crown lengthening also affects the bone of the adjacent teeth.

If the periodontist needs to remove that much bone, you may want to discuss with him the pros and cons of placing an implant instead.

Editorial Staff

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