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FAQ:  Ear Pain Symptom - Noise

Ear Pain and TMJ: I have had TMJ for close to 16 years. I have been through treatment that was unsuccessful. What I am experiencing now is a concern. I have had the headaches and pain in my neck and sometimes my back for years. Now I have a recurring ear infection, or so it seems.

The pain is inside the ear. It makes my ear feel full and hurt. I think it may be occurring after eating chewy foods. Is this possibly part of my TMJ? And if so, is there anything that can help it, other than just not eating chewy foods? ...Visitor from FL

What you are describing is what is called synovitis. This is when the fluid in the joint gets inflamed. This is usually treated with NSAIDS like Advil or Motrin and/or with a bite plate which would extend the joint allowing it to have more fluid in it which would flush the joint and allow it to heal. Of course you need to be seen by a dentist to have an accurate diagnosis.

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