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  • Painful Lump: I had all of my front teeth and a few of my bottom back teeth extracted a little over three years ago. For about three weeks now I have had a very small lump on my gum! It is very painful to touch and is even causing pain to my left ear and the left side of my throat. What could this possibly be? ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Had all my teeth pulled: I had all my teeth pulled 4 days ago and it seems in my top back teeth in the hole where a tooth was pulled I can feel something hard in the center like part of my tooth is there. It's not sticking out far and there is no tooth around. Is it possible that the dentist somehow broke the outer part of my tooth off and forgot to pull the center out? ...Visitor from Ohio     (answer)

  • Extraction: Do i have to have bone graft right after removal of my tooth for an extraction? ...Visitor from Tucson     (answer)

  • Jaw Pain: My dentist did not cut my gum to pull tooth #24 out. I experienced awful pain as he was pulling it. A tooth fragment was left but no follow up was provided. it supposedly healed by itself. Now 5 years later I have jaw pain, it is hard to chew. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Broken Molars and Wisdom Teeth needing Extraction: I have these teeth that are absessed and broken to the gum needing extraction. I am 16 weeks pregnant. I cannot handle shots in my mouth and the pain. Can I get them removed safely with oral surgery and not cause any harm to my baby? ...Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Tooth Extraction: I had a tooth extracted on upper left side of my mouth and 2 crowns on each side of extracted tooth. I'm having a problem speaking (forming words)? any correlation I have had all sorts of tests MRI and CAT scan nothing found. ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Cracked bone next to nasal cavity: My bone is cracked after having teeth pulled for ultimate fit dentures. What happened and how is it repaired? ...Visitor from Texas     (answer)

  • Bone sticking through gum: I have had all of my teeth pulled one week ago. Immediate dentures were put in place, but now on one side of my upper mouth I have a bone sticking through the entire width of the socket... it hurts, badly, so I am not wearing the dentures at the moment. The molar on the other side feels close to trying to do it as well, but has gotten better. This seems bigger than the descriptions of bone spurs I have read about. Will this close on its own? ...Visitor from Texas     (answer)

  • Extraction pain and open sockets: I had my all my top teeth pulled three weeks ago. I am still in alot of pain. The dentist that did it won't see me. My gums are almost gone, excruciating pain. I went to another dentist, with things being severely infected. He wants to open it up and clean it and pull the gums down and restich it just like I had them pulled again? Should I do this? The pain is bad. I used like ten tubes of Orajel .. is that safe? ...Visitor from Indiana     (answer)

  • Severe extraction pain after 10 days: I had front six teeth removed ten days ago. I have had a lot of teeth pulled never had all this pain. Yes I am prone to dry socket but I have been back three times in ten days and my dentist says nothing is wrong? I am in pain night and day nothing works? Five tubes of Orlando IBU 800 ice etc... Can't sleep can't even eat soft food? Crying? Afraid to go back again it hurts bad!! My very front gum as of last night now has a lump not huge but it feels huge and hurts can't talk what should I do? I know I can't take much more of this and neither can my husband I am miserable. ...Visitor from Indiana     (answer)

  • Tooth Extraction: A week ago I had upper right molar extracted. There is a large piece of skin halfway off in the gum area. Food keeps getting caught in it also ...Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Tooth Extraction: Is it ok if I do nothing? I had a back molar removed about a year ago. I am not a candidate for an implant. However, I might be able to get a bridge. It is a back tooth that you can't see when I talk or smile. ...Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Surgeon issue: I had all my teeth extracted by a dental surgeon so I could get full dentures. When he pulled my teeth he left half of a rotten tooth in my mouth. Is this safe? Should he have cut it out? Also, when he pulled out my front top two teeth out he left a crooked tooth and a big flap of skin in the front so now my dentist who made the dentures for me made my teeth with a overbite because the surgeon made a mess in the front. On my bottom left side on the bottom he pulled a rotten tooth and for some reason I now have a spot where my gum has a big lump where my gum connects to the inside of my bottom mouth. My dentures cut into it because it is connected. Is the surgeon doing something wrong? ...Visitor from Williamsport     (answer)

  • I had an upper molar and lower molar both removed 4 days ago. I have had several teeth removed in the past with no problem. The lower molar that was removed is not giving me any problem. However, the upper molar area feels swollen and painful. There is no dry socket, I know what those feel like. I have never had an upper tooth removed before. Is this a normal feeling or should I be worried and go back to the dentist? ...Visitor from Winona Lake     (answer)

  • Child extractions: My 4 year old grandson has to have 6 baby teeth extracted and wanted to know what to expect. ...Visitor from WV     (answer)

  • Small hole in the side of my gum after extraction: I had my lower back tooth pulled 4 days ago. I noticed as soon as the numbness went away that day that I have a small hole in the side of my gum where the tooth was pulled. It has sharp pieces of something in it like bone. And it kinda hurts. I know its not supposed to be there and it seems to be getting bigger. I would like to know what this is and if I need to see a dentist. ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • I have got to go to the Bristol Dental Hospital within a few days for a consultation appointment. I am so nervous and I know that I will need to have all my teeth removed. I am so scared and nervous about having them out, what will they do? ...Visitor from United Kingdom     (answer)

  • I had my tooth extracted about 5-6 hours ago. Is it normal for bubbles of saliva to sit in socket area? ...Visitor from Benton     (answer)

  • Pain after Tooth Extraction: I had a tooth pulled about a week ago. My dentist had to cut my gum in order to get the tooth out in pieces. I am having discomfort after 8 days. Is this normal? I am also a Diabetic. ...Visitor from Columbiaville     (answer)

  • I had all of my top teeth pulled out yesterday. What is a normal time frame for the swelling to subside? ...Visitor from Walton     (answer)

  • My boyfriend had his tooth extracted 2 days ago. They gave have him penicillin due to an infection. He needed a root canal but, due to expense, he went with extraction. He woke up today with cold sweats, and I noticed his neck was red yesterday (kind of streaky). Should we seek hospital care, or wait until the dentist opens? ...Visitor from Bellevue     (answer)

  • Back tooth extraction: One of my back bottom molars broke in half and exposed the old cavity area. The x-ray showed a black pocket of infection around the roots. The tooth was extracted. Two days after the extraction, the pocket looks completely black (like it looked in the x-ray). Is this normal and will it clear up soon? ...Visitor from Houston TX     (answer)

  • Front tooth extraction and socket grafting: I will soon have a front upper tooth extracted. It has a crown on it and years ago had a root canal (old basketball injury). I don't want to have an implant because I'm very prone to infections and feel like I will be asking for trouble. I've decided to have a bridge which I understand means I need crowns on each tooth next to the pulled one. My question is since I'm going with a bridge then is it necessary or recommended to have some type of filler put in when the tooth is pulled? Or is just pulling it alone and dong the rest of the work for the non-removable bridge enough? ...Visitor from Kennewick WA     (answer)

  • Blood clot: I had a molar pulled 4 days ago and I'm still clotting bad. It builds up and down my jaw line between my teeth & gums? What is going on? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Drainage from extraction site: I asked my regular dentist (not the one who did the extraction) if it was normal to still have pain and salty drainage from an extraction site after 3 weeks (tooth was upper left). She said it was fine because it was closed up, but it is hard and light yellow/white. Should I ask the oral surgeon to look at it? When will the drainage go away? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Bone Filler after extractions for dentures: Is it necessary to have bone filler applied to the gums after extraction? I had all but my front five teeth removed for dentures (full bottoms, partial top) last year and they did use the bone filler. I visited a different dentist recently who said I would not need to have that done. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Dry socket with infected sinus perforation: I had an upper molar extracted 4 to 5 wks ago. My dentist told me at the time I had a significant hole in my sinuses because the tooth roots were close to the floor of the sinus cavity. It was miserable but the worse was yet to come! I was told the hole would heal in a couple of weeks. But, a few days later I developed a dry socket over the hole! I've never been in this much pain. It's radiating from my cheek and up into my eye. My dentist said he can't properly pack dry socket because of the sinus perforation! What do I do now? Should I see an oral surgeon? ...Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Wisdom teeth extraction: I have horizontal impacted wisdom teeth that are black and breaking off. I also have a chronic illness and hypothyroid adrenal problems, along with many allergies. Where can I find an oral surgeon to take special consideration of my health? ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • Extraction and bone graft: I had an extracton and bone graft a little over a week ago now and I am still in immense pain. I also noticed where the stitches and adhesive cover has come off. When I look at it in the mirror, all I see is a huge hole in the side of my mouth where they had to slice the gums apart. Is it normal to have the grand canyon separating your gums or should I go back to stitch them closer together? ...Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • I had a molar and a wisdom tooth extracted a little over a week ago. The tooth was partially missing and I decided to have it extracted. Now there is a huge gap that does seem to be closing at all, just where the molar was (having no problems with the extracted wisom tooth). When I touch the gap and the outside of my gum in that area, I think I am feeling bone. The dentist said he extracted both teeth in one piece. Is this my jaw bone that I am feeling and is that normal? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • I had all my bottom teeth extracted a week ago as I had infection. I had dentures put in immediately after extraction and told dentist they were too tight. The pain was excrutiating. I had to take them out in a couple of days to clean with salt water as instructed. It was painful to take them out and then I could not get them back in. I called the dentist and was told to keep rinsing mouth and call back after the weekend. The pain is still horrible and even hurts to swallow. No way will the dentures go back in. The gums look pretty bad...what can I do about this? My dentist does not seem to really care ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Loose adult molar: I was wondering what kind of dentist I should seeto extract a tooth that is loose and broken in half. Should I go to E.R. at a hospital? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I'm 14 years old and have all permanent teeth now. My teeth are tightly packed and crooked and I want to get them aligned. My dentist says that an extraction of my second premolar is necessary. Is there a way I can avoid that, if not, what are the complications of a tooth extraction? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Gum still red after 6 weeks extraction: I had a front tooth pulled 6 weeks ago. The socket turned brown, but a vertical area next to it stayed red, where the dentist must have sliced accidentally on the gum. This vertical slice mark is still red, but not swollen or infected, after 6 weeks. How can I get it to heal? ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • Numbness: I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled 5 days ago. Part of my lip and chin is still numb and it tingles and has a burning sensation. Will this go away? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Oral Surgery - Bone Graph or Not: My 12 year old son has a tooth below his permanent tooth on the bottom. One oral surgeon wants to extract and stitch while another wants to extract and do a bone graph. Will bone grow in and fill in space if we do not do bone graph? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Can the extraction of an upper molar (wisdom tooth) potentially affect my eyesight? ...Visitor from India     (answer)

  • Fractured tooth: If your tooth is only a fragment how can you loosen the gum so that you can pull the tooth? ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • I have some old black roots left in my gums, I need a root extraction. Is this something a dentist can do, or should I get an oral surgeon to do it? And will this procedure require a few stitches? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction: I had two lower wisdom teeth pulled two weeks ago. They were full bony impactions; I also had bone grafts. After two weeks, one side of my face has a hard knot the size of a golf ball. There is massive bruising that goes all the way down my neck. My back molar is now covered by a long, thin, swollen "streak" of gums. Because of this I cannot close my mouth or chew. That side of my mouth also often fills with blood, but the blood is mostly brown, with sone dark red. Shouldn't this be resolved by now? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Denture Gum Problems: I have been noticing small but sharp bone like things coming through where teeth have been pulled. Is this something that is normal or something that I should be seen for? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I seem to still have pain from an extracted molar. It was removed 2 months ago. A piece of my bone came out with the tooth. What could be the problem? Any possible nerve damage? ...Wendy in OH     (answer)

  • Tooth extractions and prophylaxis: Is there an acceptable period of time to wait after third molar extractions before a prophylaxis is performed? ...Visitor from U.S. Navy, SC     (answer)

  • Hi, I had a filling to be done and my dentist said I needed a root canal so we were at the root removal and most of the top of my tooth fell off (crown) so she said she needed to extract the tooth. Well only the other part of the crown came off now all the roots and stuff are still there. If I left them what are the pros and cons of that decision? I don't want to have them removed. ...Janice in Ontario, Canada     (answer)

  • Extraction of molar after root canal: I have decay under a crown where I had a root canal. My dentist recommends extracting the tooth and filling it with bone graft but not replacing the crown or doing an implant. Is that safe since this is my back lower jaw tooth and it is not holding other teeth in place? Will my upper tooth be affected with nothing to bite on? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Five months ago I had a tooth extraction which took the dentist over half an hour chipping bit by bit as it was a crowned tooth. Eventually he had to get the consultant in to extract the tooth which took him all of 3 seconds. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and since extraction I have a lot of pain and my jawbone especially is in a lot of pain, throbbing pain and aching, almost like sinus pain. I have since been to the hospital and seen a consultant who did xrays which showed nothing and was told that due to the excessive pressure and my mouth being open for a long time during the extraction I have strained my jawbone and have exercises to do but still not getting any better. ...Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • Generally speaking, how long after a tooth extraction should it take for an infection to clear up, if there is a lump in the gum and cheek, prior to the extraction? This was an upper tooth (#13) and had to be removed because of a verticle crack.     (answer)

  • I believe this started when I had my bottom wisdom teeth extracted. I was about 16, and I am now 24. All four, top and bottom, were impacted. The dentist said that the top ones would not grow in. About 2 years later they did, rotten. Since then decay has spread to the teeth next to those, and two molars on bottom have decayed and broken off. I have recently seen a dentist and had x-rays and an exam. I have abcesses around the roots on a couple of them. I need 5 surgical extractions, and a few filings. Also, I am in terrible pain. My question is what are the conseqeunces for this going even further untreated. I have a lack of funds as I am a college student and will be starting a job on Oct. 15. I won't be able to afford the procedures that he described until I can work and save some money. I am currently taking Clindamycin. I am told that the infection will come back. I have swollen lymph nodes, and a periodic fever. Could letting this go untreated cause heart damage? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • My periodontist suggested today that I have my four bottom front teeth extracted and then a six unit bridge put in. I have had ongoing bone loss there since my 20's and I am now 50. I noticed just a couple months ago that one of the four bottom front teeth was loose and the one next to it had shifted forward. Basically I have two bad teeth of those bottom four. It seems drastic to pull all four when two of them are still good, but I'm not sure how much longer before the two good ones might get loose. She said it's easier to just pull all four and replace them with a bridge because you have a better fit, better match, etc. It makes sense to me, but all of what she was saying was just too overwhelming and it's just now sinking in. I'm going to meet with my dentist (same office as the periodontist) next week for consultation. Also, is there an urgency in having this done? The pocket next to the loose tooth she measured at 9, and I think she said a mobility of 2. I was thinking I could put this off for another year, but maybe that is not good for the teeth (which are strong) that will need to hold the bridge in place. I've read alot about implants but I doubt I'm a candidate for that since I've had so much bone loss. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • My daughter has perfect teeth, with the exception of her eye teeth. They grew in on her gum and they stick out like fangs. Can I just have the dentist pull them, I don't think she needs braces on her whole mouth for just those 2 teeth. Help me with the please. She is 14 yrs old. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • My girlfriend had 6 teeth extracted and is now numb on the left side, teeth, gums, lip and chin. It has already been 2 weeks. Will it ever come back and if not, who should she go to, to fix the problem? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • My son is 25 years old and has many severely decayed and broken teeth. He is healthy otherwise and not a drug or alcohol abuser. His grandfather lost all his teeth at age 24 when in the service. Could it be hereditary? He does brush his teeth. He's been on his own for the past few years and could not afford dental care (did'nt ask me). Now he's out of work and back home. I sent him to my dentist but the began work on 1 root canal, saw him every two weeks and in 2 months had not finished. My son became discouraged and quit going. It was very expensive ( I was going to have to get a loan), would take forever to complete, and my son felt the dentist was belittling him for not coming sooner. So here we are with what seems an insurmountable problem. My son has even suggested having them all pulled. He's a good, smart guy with an ugly painful smile. Can you think of a timely, affordable solution? Where do we begin? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Some time ago within the year, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. My teeth had been causing me no pain but were impacted on the top, and only slightly visible on the bottom but would never come all the way in. After their extraction, I have noticed my teeth have been shifting, my mouth feels different than it did before. The shifting is indeed noticable and has even producing problems with my ability to effectively keep my teeth clean. Is shifting normal? I don't know what to do. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I had my lower tooth pulled - the one next to my wisdom tooth about 3 months ago. I had severe pain before the extraction. I took an antibiotic 2 weeks before the extration but the pain did not go away. After three months the healing process has not ended yet. I still have a red "mark" in my jaw where the tooth used to be. There is no big hole just a little one It looks like a scar and sometimes gets very red. I'm an American working in Poland and I have no idea what to do. Is this normal or should I pack my bags and return to see my dentist? ...Visitor from IL / Poland     (answer)

  • Removal of molar teeth: I'm 21 and have not had any molar/wisdom teeth removed since I was maybe 11 years old. Should I remove them now? Also, there are two teeth wanting to grow - they're below the gum line. Should I have them removed also or remove the teeth that are in their growing way? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Fistula, Tooth Extraction and Implant I have a fistula on the gum of an infected tooth. The dentist recommended that I see an oral surgeon and have the tooth removed and have an implant. It was scheduled to be done after a one week course of antibiotics, but the oral surgeon postponed it a month due to his busy schedule. I still have pus. Should I find another oral surgeon who can do it before the three weeks I have to wait - I'm concerned with bone loss. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Throbbing pain - pressure after extraction: I had my right front tooth removed almost 3 weeks ago. It was infected - a crown that came loose. A previous root canal and apioectomy were performed years ago. Terrible pain since. It feels numb, severe throbbing entire front of face. Been back to oral surgeon - took antibiotics, steroids, flipper hurts too. Also saw ENT and regular dentist since. No one has clue. Excruciating, relentless pain - no one with answer. No dry socket - looks to be healing normally - where to go now? Lortab/prcocet given--no relief ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Still have swelling after 3 weeks: I had my rear lower tooth at the back removed 3 weeks ago. It took a long time to remove and I was told I had stubborn roots. Two days later I went back and got put on penicilin. I had a dissolvable stitch put in and three weeks later I have got a bubble like swelling over the gum. There is no pain but the dentist has put me on strong antibiotics and removed the stitch. Could the stitch which didn't dissolve cause the infection? The dentist said it was strange that a healthy young man has not healed yet... which has got me all paranoid about my general health now! ...Visitor from Hampshire, UK     (answer)

  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction: My daughter has some very SERIOUS problems with her wisdom teeth. The teeth on her lower jaw are very close to a major nerve. Even the oral surgeon we visited is worried about nerve damage and possible lower facial paralysis. I have two questions: Why can't he remove a bicuspid instead, so that the wisdom teeth have room to erupt? Couldn't braces then be used to move the wisdom teeth forward? Second: isn't there some way to loosen teeth BEFORE they are extracted? Aren't there ligaments (sorry if that's the wrong terminology) that help hold teeth in place? Why couldn't they be weakened chemically or with ultrasonics BEFORE extraction? That would make extractions far less traumatic ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Abcess caused by extraction?: I had a very decayed bottom back tooth and the denstist was not able to get the roots out because there was hardly nothing to grip hold of. He stitched my gums and told me to return to see him in a weeks time. Am I certain to get an abcess as my face has swollen? I have a small abcess already, but about half the usual size. Will I need hospital surgery to remove my roots? ...Visitor from United Kingdom     (answer)

  • Radiating jaw - ear - head pain: I am 69 years old. About 2 months ago I had a lower molar extracted with the intention of having an implant. It was a difficult extraction by my regular dentist. The socket seemed to heal well, but recently I have experienced pain in my jaw that radiates to my ear and head. What could be causing this? It is interfering with my daily life and sleep. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

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