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  • Red inflamed gums by existing teeth: My 13 month old has been very fussy lately when it comes to his mouth and eating. He has 4 upper and 2 lower teeth. I figured he was getting more in. Just now I noticed the gums around his upper 4 are very red and inflamed. The teeth are about 1/2 way to 2/3 of the way in. Is it normal for the gums to be red and inflamed at this point? I have never noticed them like this before. ....Visitor from Florida     (answer)

  • Burning Sensation in gums: A few months back, I had excruciating pain in the entire right side of my jaw. I went to a different dentist because I wanted a different outlook. This new dentist said that all of my pervious fillings were leaking. He fixed all of my top teeth with new fillings. They are sensitive only to super cold or super hot things. Other than that, I didn't have a problem until yesterday. Randomly, I started getting a burning sensation around one of my teeth he had worked on. Oddly, it only looks red around the tooth, nowhere else. I have been taking really good care of my teeth. I tried gargling salt water and taking pain reliever, no positive results. I really wouldn't like to go to the dentist again, but this is really bothering me. ....Visitor from Michigan     (answer)

  • Gum pain: I had a tooth pulled over a year ago and I have started having severe pain up in my gum. It comes and goes throughout the day. What could this be. ....Visitor from Wisconsin     (answer)

  • Bruised Gums: How long does it take bruised gums to heal? I had trauma under my upper denture from something that got underneath it. It has been over a month now and is still bruised. I have done salt water and soft foods. ....Visitor from Kansas City     (answer)

  • Gum Regrowth: My gums have been recessing for the past few years. It's only been during this past year that I've realized how serious an issue this is. My dentist told me to brush softer, use a sensitive toothpaste and apply it to my teeth at night and not brush the area. The last but seems contradictory to me. I've read that the area needs to be sterile. I started using mouthwash at night instead as a desperate attempt. I've got something growing but I'm not sure it's what I want. It's white and rubbery. So my question is what does gum growth look like? What are the stages? How careful should I be when I brush this part? ....Visitor from Dekalb     (answer)

  • Gum regrowth after long denture wear: I have hardly any top or bottom gum left. Is there any periodontal surgery that could regrow my gums and maybe implant teeth? If so is there any where in Ireland that does such implants. ....Visitor from Ireland     (answer)

  • Weird gum pain: I've had this weird gum pain on my bottom gum, just left of the center under what seems to be 2 teeth. It's a constant pain. I notice it more at night time. When I press against my gum really hard to takes the pain away a little but it instantly returns after releasing the pressure. I've recently had a root Canal done on the same side at the bottom but on a completely different tooth (at the back), so I don't know if that can be related to my issue or not.. Please help this is so irritating and nothing seems to help!! Would appreciate any suggestions ....Visitor from Australia     (answer)

  • Esthetic treatment of upper gum: My age is 50+ and I like to see my teeth nice. My upper gum is high and teeth are spaced. How can I get rid of these unwanted things? ....Visitor from Bangladesh     (answer)

  • Gum Pain: I had my back right wisdom teeth pulled about 6 months ago, at which time the lower one ended up with dry socket, then a low grade infection after that. I am still in pain after all this time. I have seen a oral surgeon, an endodontist and my regular dentist several times since and they can't seem to figure out the problem. My gums are still very sore and somewhat raw in some areas. I have trouble sleeping and am taking a lot of pain medicine for the problem. Who should I see next? ....Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Painful Gums: I have been to my regular dentist and another dentist due to pain in my gums. Both performed xrays and found nothing wrong. My dentist seems to think I have Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), but my doctor disagrees and thinks it is due to my dentist manipulating a tooth and possibly the nerve tissue during cleanings. I had an infection and he advised that I come in for cleanings every three months. I have and when he last took a scaling I had pocket depths of mostly 3's, a few 4's and some 2's. My gums do not bleed. The pain is sharp and I feel it on one side. It flares up due to cold air, laying on that side, eating or drinking hot or cold items. It is soooooo painful. and now I seem to be having pain under my eye. Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Exposed Tooth Roots: According to the dentist I'm with, I have had some gum recession and my roots are becoming exposed. In addition I've been told that the forces of chewing hard foods could cause the crown of the tooth to shear if the root is becoming too small to support the crown. They have recommended putting additional filling over the root area to "build it up" and create a surface that I can brush away without brushing away more of the root. However, all other info I've seen on internet refers to performing some form of "gingival graft" to cover the root and prevent further damage and loss. Which is the best course? Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Roof of mouth: I have been taking 40 mg of doxycycline for a few months for rosacea and notice the roof of my mouth is paler, a bit yellow. Can this be from the doxycycline? Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Gums and Cheek turning black:
    My 3 year old daughter's right inside of cheek has turned black. She is not in pain. She eats, drinks, and talks the same. This blackness cannot be brushed off, does nor have an odor and is nor raised. Her gums are also turning black in some areas. She recently was diagnosed with a sinus infection. It appears to be getting lighter and the pediatric dentist thinks its pigmentation. Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I have severe nerve pain in my left side lower jaw. It seems to come from a point just below the gum line from one of my molars. If I touch the gum with my finger it sends pain all the way to my ear. The tooth is also sensitive to hot and cold - even the heat of my tongue. I need painkillers the whole time, even waking me through the night. I have now been to the dentists twice, had xrays and examinations but there is nothing showing as being wrong with the tooth. I have had a weeks worth of antibiotics which reduced discomfort a little but now the course is finished the pain is worsening again. It has been 3 weeks now. What could be wrong? ... Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • My gums are very sore to the touch. When I bite down or push on my gums with my tounge its painful. When I brush my teeth they bleed also. ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Swollen gum tissue in front of mouth above 2 front teeth: I have 3 vertical red strips on the front gum above my front teeth. It is very sore to brush. My dentist said it looked like an allergy but it has been several months and not healed. I dread brushing my teeth. I use an extra soft tooth brush warmed up under hot water just so I can clean my teeth. What can I do to get my gums to heal? ... Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • I lost a couple of fillings within a week of each other and my gums have been pretty sore since then. I haven't been to a dentist since I know nothing will be done with sore gums. Is there something that I can do to heal my gums before visiting a dentist? ...Rick     (answer)

  • I have a sore spot on my gum. It does not appear swollen or really bumpy. I just went to the dentist 5 days ago and had xrays and cleaning - everything was in good shape. Could I get an abcess that fast? is it can abcess? There is no odor or drainage. ...Jason     (answer)

  • I have been diagnosed with Sjogrens approximately 2 years ago and so have a dry mouth to contend with which is helped greatly with olive oil! A couple weeks ago I had an outbreak of oral shingles and in the last couple days noticed that I have a boil on the gum above the left incisor. It was lanced today by my dentist, and he says that I have an abcess and need a root canal. Last year I had very severe pain on the side of my face and sinuses, went to the dentist and was advised that I needed a root canal. I went to the specialist, and he advised me that I did not need a root canal, but rather my sinuses were infected. I am not concerned that my sinuses might be infected again---have been doing some very serious house work involving lots of dust,etc cleaning the attic. I don't want to have an unneccesary root canal, yet my dentist today took Xrays and told me that the tooth in question has been dead since I was a child (now am 55). Because I also am allergic to oral antibiotics, I am in a precarious situation. The bottom line is, I have NO PAIN on the gum or in the tooth and no sensitivity to a "cold" tests that the dentist gave me today. I have had a root canal in the past and it really played havoc with my immune system. Don't abcesses of a tooth ususally involve pain and sensitivity to hot and cold? Couldn't I just have a boil on my gum from the outbreak of shingles in my mouth a couple weeks ago and not necessarily have an abcessed tooth? ...Joy in VA     (answer)

  • I need a lot of dental work done. I have 2 broken crowns(at the gumline), missing teeth, a cracked tooth and a 3 tooth bridge that needs replacing. My gums are not in the best shape,either. Also the contour of my gums does not line up exactly with my jawbone. And if that were not enough, I am a mouth breather and taking medication which causes dry mouth. I am almost 53 yrs old and my dentition has caused me big problems all my life. What kind of dentist do I need? I understand that in sedation dentistry a lot of work can be done in just a few appointments True? Also what kind of sedation is used? The thought of getting full dentures for both upper and lower appeals to me more and more. I have seen people with full dentures and they have a great smile. Denture dentistry must have improved since my grandparents day. I so envy people who have a great smile, whether or not they have natural or unnatural teeth. Could you help point me in the right direction? I have been self-conscious about my teeth almost all my life. I don't expect to ever have a smile like Tom Cruise, but I know that minor miracles are performed in the world of dentistry. Being able to smile without feeling self-conscious about my teeth would make me a changed and very happy person. Appreciate it! ...Neil in CA     (answer)

  • My gums often bleed when I brush my teeth. I have not been to a dentist because of my financial situation. Can you give my a reason why this happens? ...Annette in NJ     (answer)

  • My lower front gums are become red and start bleeding easily when I brush them. After some time there is a white layer on my teeth (tartar), which is having a foul smell. I am having bad breath also. How can I save my teeth? If I do scaling then this problem can be solved for future?     (answer)

  • What causes brown discoloration of the gums? ...Carla in MD     (answer)

  • I have a problem on the lower bottom of my gums. There a red big bump and it's like a loose gum. It bleeds very easily. I can't eat without letting the food touch that certain spot. I can't brush that spot and all I can do is pretty much floss there, but I have to be careful because it'll start bleeding and it bleeds for quite a long period of time. This bump has been there now for a period of two months and I don't know what it is and it's really borthering me, but I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and I'm not sure if this might be the cause, but it seems way worst.. please HELP! Malissa in CA     (answer)

  • I have a fistula on my gum (tooth 14) and saw an oral surgeon. He says I need a root canal. I am leaving in 10 days for Europe and my dental insurance will not be active until July when I return. I am not currently in pain, although when I am not on penicillin, I find the fistula annoying. My doctor is willing to give me additional anitbiotics for the trip. Should I ask her to give me a pain medication, just in case? I do not want to damage the bone or take major chances, with either my tooth or my enjoyment of my trip. Can I wait until I return or should I "bite the bullet" and try to get in to the endodontist before I go? Jeannie in IL     (answer)

  • Is it possible that swollen infected gums of back molars on each side can cause a recurring sore throat and infection? ...Andrea in TX     (answer)

  • Since the end of 12/01 my gum has been swollen. I had a RC on the 4th tooth from the back 01/02. Then mid 04/02 2nd tooth from the back had a pain caused by vibration end 04/02 my left side of my face was swollen. I went to the dentist they did a RC on my last tooth and put me on 2 antibiotics flagil and augmenton. 10 days swelling went down but I had a lump on my gum above the 2nd from the back another 10 days of antibiotics then off. Beginning of 06/02 still lump, put on another antibiotic. Took it 10 days still lump my teeth did not hurt. I went to an oral surgeon who did an I+D he said it was beyond a puss infection but it was granulated. They put me on another antibiotic. Well I think it might be a bone infection. What should I do next when I go for my recheck next week? Is there a test that can be done to rule yes or no on the bone infection?     (answer)

  • I occasionally get swollen gums on the back of my mouth only behind my right lower molar. If it's badly inflamed it'll get a big bump, fill with some kind of puss and I won't be able to close my mouth completely. It'll last for a couple of days with not much pain but more discomfort. Is it a bacterial infection? This all started less than a year ago and it'll come on if I chew on a piece of gum or have something chewy like French bread. I went to the dentist who didn't have much to tell me but gave me a brown mouthwash but then told me that it would stain my teeth if I used it so I have been hesitant. What is this from and is there something I could do such as taking an oral antibiotic?     (answer)

  • I haven't been to a dentist in years and have never needed any dental work done, save braces and having my wisdom teeth removed. I just noticed that below my left lower molar there is a quite large bump that has developed. It is as hard as bone and isn't painful in any way, nor does it bleed. Should I see a dentist about this or wait and see if it goes away? ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • About four days ago, I had a swollen area or bump at my upper molar. It was swollen and painful to the touch, but not my teeth, just the gum. I began using Listerine every hour. The pain and swelling went away within 24 hours. Could I have possibly pushed food or bacteria into my gum with my battery-spin toothbrush? Should I still see a dentist? ...Visitor from AL     (answer)

  • I just had gum grafting done on my upper front gums. It has been a week and I still feel a hard substance right under my nose. I can still see some swelling as well. My smile is different (it goes down and looks unnatural) and the area right below my nose protrudes and feels hard and uncomfortable. I am completely unsatisfied with the way I look and feel. Is it normal for it to feel hard and protrude (and is this permanent scar tissue)? I am very scared that this cannot be undone. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • My dentist recently informed me that my gumline is beginning to recede. What can I use/take/do to prevent this from continuing? Additionally, what can I use/take/do to stop the pain that I have especially when brushing my teeth? I already use an electric tooth brush. ...Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • My son (age 12) has an uneven gumline; the gum line on one of his upper front teeth is substantially higher than the other. This really bothers him, and it is noticeable. He has gotten to the point that he won't smile. Is there anything non-surgical that can be done to help minimize this? If surgery is the only option, how extensive is it? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • What are the pros and cons of having your gums cleaned? I'm not sure of what the procedure is called, but I was told at my last dental appointment that I have a lot of tartar build up underneath my gums. It will take two appointments to clean under the gums, which of course will be numbed. I've heard that this could eventually cause your gums to separate from your teeth - which would make this procedure not necessary ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Recently I noticed that my gums are shrinking down and having a bigger gap between the teeth. Feeling very sensitive when I drink or eat. I would like to know what causing this gum problem. What should I do to prevent this from getting worse? ...Visitor from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     (answer)

  • My gums bleed at night at least twice a week. They don't bleed when I brush. Why would my gums bleed at night when I'm sleep? ...Visitor from NM     (answer)

  • receding Gums: I have been trying to find a dentist. It has taken months to find one. Then when I do, they seem to cancel on me. My gums are receding. I think my nerves are exposed and now when I push on my gums, some foul tasting substance comes out.. yucky. I know I need a dentist but can you tell me what is going on?... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Discoloration of Gums: I had a root canal done approximately 6 years ago and had a gold crown placed on the molar. I have recently noticed that my entire gum around the crown is a dark color (it looks like a bruise). Is this a normal result from the crown? I am not having any pain, but there is a slight amount of swelling.... Visitor from South Dakota     (answer)

  • Gum Tenderness: I am a senior and have only a few teeth. My gums are almost always sore. My dentist recommended rinsing with epsom salts for relief, this seldom works. I went to a periodontist who found nothing unusual. I am going to have the gums cleaned next month. I want to know if there is a specific blood test that should be done to determine if there is some underlying medical condition that is causing this constant soreness. .... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Growing Gum Tissue: I want to grow back my gums. I smoked for five years and decided not brushing my teeth, drinking and smoking was probably never a good idea and I stopped. I've been eating well, flossing for thirty minute sessions once or twice daily, and brushing (softly) all the time. This was of course after three thousand dollars of dental work that was five years in the making. Everything seems to be doing better but the gums. Any information - advice - resources on whatever treatment you can offer would be appreciated .... Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • New Crowns cause Gum Loss: I just had porcelain crowns on my top front 6 teeth for cosmetic reasons. During the procedure my dentist burned parts of my gums. That tissue became white during the procedure and soon after I lost it. Now my gums are very inflamed, the ones on my 2 front teeth are not symmetric (due to tissue lost after burning) and in 2 teeth one can see the edge of the crown and part of my original tooth because the gum line is very high. Please let me know if this is normal or I need to consult another dentist! My gums looked fine before I started the procedure but I had the temporaries on for a month. Every time I go back to my dentist he tells me that the gum lime will get lower with time. .... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Unusual Gum Growth: My daughter has an unusual growth of gum tissue between two of her front lower teeth. Two different oral surgeons have removed this tissue a total of three times. The last time aggressively. Still the tissue keeps growing back. Now they are talking about removing several teeth to stop the tissue growth. Have you ever seen something like this and can you suggest another way to cure the problem?. .... Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • No Gums due to dentures: I have had dentures for 40 years. I have no gums left. I look like I have no teeth. My gums often hurt. What kind of surgery should I have for this problem. .... Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Gums and Flossing: When I floss, I push it up til the gum sort of moves. Can they permanently be pushed up by flossing hard? .... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Implants cause gum loss between 2 front teeth: I am 27 years old, and had to get dental implants on my top two front teeth. (Due to an accident when I was young). Now, however, I have no gum between them, and the result is a black hole between my front teeth. It looks awful and I hate my smile. People are always telling me I have something in my teeth, because that's what it looks like. Is there anyway to fix this? .... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Swollen gums: What can I do to get rid of swollen, painful and bleeding gums? .... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Fix Itchy Gums with Implants? My two upper front teeth were knocked out in an accident 30 years ago. I currently have a 6 unit bridge. I have constant irritation - itching in my upper gums (due to sinus inflammation). My dentist is recommending implants, saying that there is little bone left between my upper jaw and my sinus cavity. But this will involve substantial bone grafting. I am okay with my appearance and eat normally now. Will the implants stop the itching and bone loss or end up causing more problems than I currently experience? Will changing the bridge for one that fits better stop the itching? My current bridge is almost 8 years old. .... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Gum growth following bone grafting: How long does it take for the gums to grow around a bone graft? Is there anything that can be done to facilitate the gum growth and overall success of the bone grafting? .... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Red gums after veneers: I had a complete restoration of my smile about 18 months ago. Everthing was fine until earlier this year I noticed my gums were becoming red around the veneers. I returned to the dentist and he diagnosed it as thrush and put me on medication for 2 weeks. When I returned he decided it was not thrush and that he could try a laser treatment to see if it would help. There was no improvement and he has no further diagnosis to offer me. He said I am being too picky. I do have Lupus and was evaluated by my Lupus doctor. He did not feel it was related to my lupus and deferred to the dentist. I am extemely dissatisfied after having spent $30,000 for a perfect smile and am left with red swollen gums. .... Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Implants for Shrinking Gums? I've had dentures since I was 22. I am now 61 years old. I have totally shrinking gums and my dentures must be glued to eat or talk even. How would a dentist do implants on me? One tooth at a time or a few teeth at one time? How many visits would it take? .... Visitor from MI     (answer)

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