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  • Upper partial: Before I received my upper partial, my dentist modified my healthy upper tooth by grinding away some of the enamel so the metal clasp can rest on that tooth. Why does that have to be done? He didn?t do it to the other side and now my healthy tooth now hurts! So should he repair that tooth with a composite filling so I don?t have any future serious problems with this once healthy tooth? .... Visitor from Georgia     (answer)

  • Partials: I recently had 2 extractions. I have 1 tooth left on top. Can I wear an upper partial and keep my one tooth. Perhaps use fixodent? .... Visitor from Teaneck     (answer)

  • New partial: I have 3 missing back teeth on top on both sides, 6 total. I got my acrylic partial yesterday.

    I have a few questions:
    1) My dentist filed down a crown and real tooth to adjust partial. Is that normal? I worry about decay.
    2) Not only do I have the normal problems, excessive saliva, lisp, pain, I have a strong gag reflex and got nauseated from it but should get used to all of that except the pain. I can't even wear it for an hour with out a lot of pain from it being too right. I have swelling now and what seems to be a blister. I'm getting adjustment tomorrow.
    3) How much discomfort is normal and for how long? .... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Valplast My DDS sold me an off-brand and called it a Valplast, and never gave me the certified number so I could register it with the Valplast company. What would you do? I know it's not A Valplast item but just a flexible partial. .... Visitor from California     (answer)

  • Partial attachment clasps: Why have they not invented a white plastic slip to put on the wires that attach to my real teeth so that they blend in better? .... Visitor from Glassboro     (answer)

  • Top partial: I went to get a top and a bottom partial made today and they said I didn't have enough room in my mouth for them to fit. I haven't had back teeth on the top for about 8 years. All I've had was 5 front teeth. They said the only thing they could do was pull all my remaining teeth on top and make a full top plate them make a bottom partial. Does this make sense to anyone?? I mean there was teeth there before.. I am baffled. Please help. .... Visitor from Richmond     (answer)

  • I got a new partial and top plate after having old top plate for about 3 years. The lower partial had been broken about a year. I went back a week ago after getting a new set because the partial was hurting and rubbing sores. The top place fit good with only a few tight spots. After adjusting the partial, the assistant took the upper denture, but didn't use the powder to see where the plate was tight or rubbing, and did an adjustment to front. Now it feels loose behind my front teeth. There doesn't seem to be any suction or air between roof of mouth and denture. My top lip no longer looks as full. What could she have done? .... Visitor from Winnsboro     (answer)

  • I had 9 teeth pulled and my upper and lower partials put in the same day. It has been 2 weeks and on the left side bottom it seems to push into my gums on the inside of my mouth at the very back of my mouth. Will this get better or do I need to go back and have some of the partial shaved off? Also with the top partial it seems really tight around the part by my teeth. Will this loosen up? It makes the roof of my mouth feel rough when I take them out at night. .... Visitor from Mesquite     (answer)

  • I recently had a new partial made and had to make several trips back for adjustments. The dentist has now decided to remake it but have gave me a temporary one in the mean time. I wore it the next day and the roof of my mouth is so swollen I can't get the partial back in. I called them and they said take some benadryl and they will see me in a few days. Any advice would be helpful. I'm at the point at a total loss with this process. .... Visitor from Athens     (answer)

  • Can you put a new wire on a old partial? .... Visitor from Ormond Beach     (answer)

  • I have new partials on the top and bottom, I am happy with them. They are comfortable and I can eat with them. My dentist recommended metal clasps, which hold them well, but they are visible when I smile. Is there any kind of coating that could be applied on the clasps so they wouldn't be visible? .... Visitor from Genoa IL     (answer)

  • I have a upper partial that replaces a front tooth and two back teeth. The front tooth seems to be shorter on top where it meets the gum than the natural tooth beside it. When I smile I feel like you can see where the top of the fake tooth starts, (like it should have been made a little longer to match natural tooth). Should the dentist have measured it to match before replacing it? What can be done about it, I did not get a temporary partial so I would have to go with a empty place where front tooth is missing if I had it fixed, wouldn't I? .... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Lower Partial Plate: What is a reasonable amount of time for a partial plate to be prepared for a patient? My dentist took impression on 8/8/12 and again on 10/23/12. I have called his office 3 times in the past 10 days to see if it is ready. A message is taken to give to the dentist to call me but he has not returned my calls and I'm starting to get concerned. Is this amount of time within reason for prepration of the partial. I did not previously have teeth removed so a healing time was not necessary. The partial only has about three teeth on the lower right jaw. Thank you for your response. .... Visitor from Charlotte     (answer)

  • Reusing partials: I have four permanent teeth left on top. They need to be pulled. I have a partial that replaces the teeth previously pulled. I want to know if my old partial and the one I have now can be remolded and made into a top plate. I really need these remaining teeth pulled. They are hurting and breaking my fillings. Is there any way I can use these partials. It would be greatly appreciated. I have no dental insurance so I would have to pay out of pocket to have this procedure done. Please please tell me it can be done. .... Visitor from Georgia     (answer)

  • New Acryclic partial plate is loose: I had one tooth extracted (upper left 2) and an immediate partial denture inserted. This is an acrylic denture, it has no clips. This was over 2 weeks ago, I have been back to my dentist twice and still feel it is too loose. I feel as though it needs to be nearer the roof of my mouth and nearer my gum line for my remaining teeth to support it. My dentist seems to think it is ok and keeps saying that this is the problem with dentures with only one tooth. I am finding it difficult to speak due to the denture flapping all the time. Is this normal? .... Visitor from United Kingdom     (answer)

  • Crown pain caused by partial: My new crowns ache when I wear my partial. Why? .... Visitor from VT     (answer)

  • My partial is 40 years old. Two prongs have broken off. My dentist said it cannot be fixed. If so, what is best to product to hold it in place since it jumps out when I eat. .... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Flexible upper partial: I have had my flexible upper partial about 2 months but have already found I will not eat in public. For some reason, all food seems to gather AND accumulate on the front 5 real teeth. If I were to eat out, I would have to excuse myself after every bite to floss before I would even open my mouth to talk. Is this normal or correctible? .... Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Valplast partial: I had a Valplast partial put in about 3 years ago. It has 3 teeth, 2 back teeth and one front tooth. I have had no problems with this until about 2 months ago. Where my natural other front tooth is, my gums became sore behind my tooth. Now it has gotten worse to the point where I can barely wear my partial anymore because when I wear it, it irritates and swells in that small area. So much so to where my partial front tooth hangs down longer than the rest of my teeth. I take it out and it will get better, but I have to wear my partial. I have also tried the sore spot gel and it doesn't work. How will this ever heal? i can't ever wear my partial all day now, only to eat. .... Visitor from AL     (answer)

  • Allergic to materials: I have upper and lower partials that I'm still getting used to after a month. They hurt my mouth and by the end of the day I cough and can barely swallow, gums, jaw and the roof of my mouth are so sore I can't eat. I'm allergic to metals and latex. Could this be the issue of why it's taking so long for me to adapt to these items? My dentist doesn't seem concerned about my concerns and I'm becoming irritated with the results. .... Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I recently had a new lower partial made. It is made with acrylic and metal. One of the hooks wraps around the tooth and also the gum under the tooth. The part that wraps around the gum is irritating the gum. I went back and was told by the dentist that it was for more support otherwise the partial might break. Meanwhile its giving me pain. The dentist also said that it will form a callous and eventually the pain would go away. What should I do? .... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • How would you prevent gum recession at tooth that supports a partial clasp? I have a new partial that fits around a new crown and the pressure is pushing the gum away from my crown and is irritated. What can I do? ... Visitor from IN    (answer)

  • Ill-fitting partial: I just had a permanent crown installed in bottom row and now my partial doesn't fit right. My dentist tried to alter it but parts of the thin metal "claws" stick out and my partial is an eighth of an inch above my real teeth. Is this normal dental practice? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Metal Partial: I had a metal partial put in my mouth to replace the bottom front two teeth. I have a very small jaw so when my dentist made the partial, he had to make the teeth set crooked. Not bad, just a little crooked. I was some what surprised when I saw them. I just thought that all fake teeth were straight. Is this unusual? ... Visitor from CO    (answer)

  • Crooked bottom partial: I recently just had a full denture put on top and partial on the bottom. I am still having problems talking and it seems my top lip is drooping some and the teeth in the dentures are smaller than my real teeth. The bottom partial is crooked and there are gaps and the teeth don't line up. My bite is all messed up. I am having problems eating and when I mentioned this to the dentist he said this was normal. The bottom teeth go down at an angle and the dentist said they are the same as my normal but I beg to differ and have pictures showing differently. What can be done with this? ... Visitor from AZ    (answer)

  • Several years ago I had a partial break on my right front tooth. The dentist put I guess a partial fake piece back on to make it look normal again. It fell off and I do not have the money to get it fixed. I still have the piece and it will stick on my tooth, but I cant eat or drink with it in. What can I use to make it stick on again? I'm so embarassed and desperate! ... Visitor from TX    (answer)

  • I recently had a parial bridge put in. {Last 10 months} Should your jaw bone hurt after this long of a time? I have not felt good since having this put in. What is the possibility of being allergic to the metal? My dentist told me it is 95% non-allergic materal. Could I be in the 5% that is having a reaction to the metal in my bridge? If so what steps can I take to see? ...Judy    (answer)

  • My teeth are in need of repair "bad". I have only 9 teeth on the bottom and they all need fillings. I have 9 teeth on top that need fillings. I have only 4 teeth in the front on top and a space on both sides. My bottem teeth almost reach my top gum line where the spaces are. Will a dentist be willing to fill all my teeth and crown and put a partial in where my teeth are missing on top? Or, will a dentist be willing to fill all my bottom teeth and pull my top teeth and put a whole plate on top. I really need my teeth to be fixed, but haven't been able to find one that will work with me to get it done. I haven't smiled in years. Please help me to get on the right path to get a beautiful smile that I have never had. ...Pamona in SC     (answer)

  • In several days I will be having 5 teeth extracted on top and that will leave me with front teeth eye to eye. I am terrified of the procedure. I have had teeth pulled before but not 5 at the same time. At the same time the Dentist said he will be putting the partial in. I don't understand how they can do this. It will be a temporary one and with the metal clips and then the permanent one is a clear plastic type so it does not show. I am worried about the pain afterwards, the swelling and the putting up with a new partial all in one shot. Is this something that is usually done. He says it helps reduce the swelling this way. I have a terrible fear that no one can understand about having the teeth pulled and then having the partial put in and not being able to stand the feeling especially on the roof of my mouth having a foreign object there when I am replacing only back teeth. The back teeth cannot be saved they are to far gone. This is costing me $2400.00 for the extractions the partials the temporary and the permenant and the capping of the one eye tooth because dentist says with having a filling in the tooth and removing the plate constantly it will wear away the tooth. I have to go to work in two days after this ordeal and when the swelling goes down won't the partials be loose and slip all over? Please help me I can't even sleep at night thinking what's ahead.     (answer)

  • I have recently had partials made for my lower back four molars. My dentist has patiently been trying to make them comfortable but the left side still digs into my gums. He is planning to do more grinding on them, however, I'm concerned that he is now into the metal part and there is no plastic left in some areas. Is this normal or were the partials too far off from the beginning? Is it alright for the partials to be down to metal against my gums? ...Kathleen in CA     (answer)

  • I am 31 years old and when I was 15 I was diagnossed with osteomyelitis in my mouth. As a result I have lost 3 teeth. I have 5-6 more teeth that are severely loose. 12 years ago they told me that my only option was to get a bone graft and have dental implants. I have not had one insurance company that would pay for them because they say they are cosmetic! Anyways my mouth is a sight and I am at my wits end. I was wondering if a partial would be possible. ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I have had both top and bottom Valplast partials which were done about 12 months ago. I have 2 molars on the upper left and two molars bottom right plus 5 front bottom teeth remaining. When I purchased the Valplast which were quite costly I was told that they could be relined and teeth could be added. I was also told that the Valplast could become a full denture if necessary. In fact 3 months after having them made I did have 1 tooth added and did have them relined. In the course of the past 12 month my gums have shrunk and the partials just don't look quite right anymore. When I smile you can barely see my upper teeth. I also have just had one of the molars break. I have had to go to a new dentist and he told me that Valplasts could not be relined or have teeth added to them. This was a big investment and I do hope this is not true. I have AIDS and live on a very limited amount of money. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I have partials of the metal type. They are about 30 years old and are worn down. Can these be rebuilt or must I have new ones? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I have been fitted with a partial denture/bridge. Is it supposed to feel natural? It feels bulky, takes up too much of my mouth. I can't eat because swallowing is difficult. I'm to the point that it feels so bulky I want to gag and it's so uncomfortable. I want it out .....What should I do? ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • My husband, has very poor teeth. He's had a full upper denture since the age of 17. Over the years, he has had several bridges done, on the lower teeth. Every time I turn around, they "need to do another bridge". We've gone from one tooth bridge, to a two tooth bridge, to the current suggestion of a three tooth bridge, this is for the left side. He has two bridges, one on the left lower, one on the right lower. Needless to say, this is getting costly, and truly appears to be throwing good money after bad. Why are they not at this point considering a partial, rather than more bridge work? It seems, they anchor to a tooth, that tooth breaks down, then we need to replace the bridge. He's been told he has "acidic saliva", and this is the cause of the problem. Since this isn't likely to change, why are they not considering a permanent solution? Is there any reason a partial cannot be done, if a bridge could be? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Do partials need to be anchored to nearest teeth or are there partials that can be used much like full dentures utilizing a bonding product? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I recently lost my left lower molar and the bridge it was attached to. So now my last two teeth in that area are missing. I have considered implants, but because of the cost I thought maybe I would give a partial plate a try...maybe the Valplast type you have mentioned before. Would such a plate help prevent bone loss, and would it stay in place with no rear tooth to anchor onto? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I cannot afford a bridge and my insurance won't cover it. My gum disease has left me with one loose front tooth and large gaps in the front. I may lose my tooth. I am only 25 and my only insurance option is a front partial. Do they fall out when you kiis? How stable are these or can I fight my insurance company? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I have an upper Valplast partial that I am having pain with on my upper right side. I was told that is because the partial rocks when I chew. I was told that this is a gum supported partial and was recommended to have a tooth support partial. The Vitallium 2000 that grooves would be made in the back of my teeth for support. Have you heard of this and can it damage and weaken my few remaining teeth? I have only 5 teeth left on top and do not want to make them loose and hurt with support. Please any info would help. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • I had an extraction of my right tupper molar (next to the last tooth) 1 year ago. I am not comfortable with getting an implant and am looking at getting a partial plate. What can you tell me about the metal materials used to make the plate? Are there concerns about toxicity from the metals? What other options do I have? How long can I wait to make a decision before being at risk of having my bite change? ...Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Fixing a partial with Crazy Glue: I was at a friends house a few years ago and a fight broke out. I'm stupid and got in the middle and got punched in the teeth. I broke my 4 front teeth on the top. My dentist tried to save them but after 2 years of trying everything I had them taken out. I wear a partial plate that went into the same holes my teeth came out of. My problem is the plate broke between the front two teeth and then cracked across breaking the piece off. I have used Crazey Glue to join the two pieces and it seems to be working. My plate is not two years old. Will this hold for awhile or will I need a new plate? I will get it replaced but for right now I can't afford another $600.00. Will this last for a month or two? ...Visitor from Burlington Newfoundland     (answer)

  • Bone Graft for a Maxillary Partial? I've been having problems with my bridge. My dentist wants to put in an implant but it's very costly. The other alternative is a partial but he says that he has to do a bone replacement graft first. I got a second opinion from another dentist who says a bone replacement graft is not necessary for a partial. I am confused. ..Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Partials for lower teeth: Can partials be made for lower left side of mouth if I have no teeth on my bottom left side? I am having the molar removed and the 2 teeth in front of the molar. That is a total of 3 teeth being extracted. If I have no teeth in the back how does the partial fit? What does it attach to? ..Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Partials stop tooth movement? I have had my 3 back teeth removed on my lower jaw. I have a consult with my dentist in 8 weeks. Is it necessary to have a temporary partial denture put in to prevent the teeth from moving in my mouth? ..Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Hard to Talk and Eat - Loose Ugly Partial: I have been fitted with a lower partial (4 back teeth each side). It is impossible to eat or chew because it comes out immediately. It is extremely difficult to talk. The denture is rigid with a metal bar joining the two side together. Also the appearance is horrific. Two large metal clasps over the teeth at the front which looks as though I am wearing braces. I feel that because the partial is so rigid, i will never be able to wear it. Can nothing be done about this and the appearance? I am just heartbroken. My dentist tells me that this is all that can be done. He says that the metal clasps are all that is available. .....Visitor from Toronto Canada     (answer)

  • Partial Plate causes loose teeth? I have had an upper partial plate for fifty years, which is anchored to my wisdom teeth. Now the wisdom teeth are loose and I know at this stage I may lose them. Is there anything that can be done to retain the upper wisdom teeth, and what caused those teeth to become loose? My dentist has never intimated to me that I had any kind of problem to cause this. .....Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Dentures to replace bad Partials? I had a partial put in many many years ago and now they have fallen. I am a single Mom at 47 years of age and I don't know what to do. I have used crazy glue to glue the partial back in my gums but as you probably are aware, that does not last. This is also affecting my speech. I want to know what you suggest. I have no molars and very few teeth left. Should I go for Dentures? ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Upper partial causes pain and swelling: My new upper partial has caused pain and swelling to the roof of my mouth where the metal crossbar comes in contact. Can the partial be adjusted or will my mouth adjust in time? ....Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Rework the Valplast partial? I recently got a Valplast lower partial, and one of the teeth was too short and creates a small gap in my smile. Can the Valplast partial be reworked to change that one tooth for a better fitting tooth? ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Partials: I used to smile, but not anymore. When I do smile I hold my head down because of the glittering metal from my partial. Can't they make partials without the silver metal? ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Food under partial plate: Everytime I eat I get a lot of food under my partial plate. My dentist says this is normal. It is very uncomfortable. I have spent 20 thousand dollars on my teeth and I am very uncomfortable. Is it me? He says I have to live with it and go wash them everytime I eat. My eye tooth is so large compared to the rest of my teeth. He does not want to hear any of this. He just ignores me and sends his assistants to file down. I would really like your opinion. If it can be fixed I will try to. ....Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Lower Partial: Patient has only one lower canine remaining, #27 opposing upper porcelain bridge work. Would a partial be indicated or better to extract remaining tooth and have a full denture for stability? ....Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Partials versus implants for older adults? My mother is 81 years old, and she has lost most of her teeth in the back. I don't think she has even one molar left. Should she spend the money for implants, or would it be more practical to get partials for the top and bottom? My parents are on Social Security and there is no dental school or free clinic within 300 miles. What should I advise my Mom to do? I'm willing to help with the cost of implants, but is it worth it at her age? Are full dentures even a option? Her front teeth are broken and weak also. ....Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Drill holes in teeth for partials? My Dentist is supposed to be taking impressions for my partial. They did the first impression and the second time I went for my next impression, my dentist drilled holes in my teeth to anchor my partial. Then she said I needed to have some cavities filled before she could finish my partial. I thought this was unusual. I am afraid that these holes will result in decay if she waits to finish my partial. Is that normal to drill holes in teeth? Also she did an exam but no xtays were taken and she told me I have 8 cavities. If they are so small how can she tell by sight without xrays? I am concerned about I have never had this many cavities. Can medicine you take regulary cause your teeth to decay? ....Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Denture versus Partial: I have partials on top and bottom, however, the two teeth remaining on bottom are loose. My dentist said because the partial fits well they will just add two teeth making this a full denture to bottom. Is this wise or should I have them redo partial for a new plate in general as this partial is 4 years old and I have loss bone on one side of mouth? Also I have a partial on top with 6 teeth as my own. Two teeth on the right side together are strong but the remaing four teeth need to be removed. My dentist told me I need a full denture on top. Is there any way to keep a partial which be connected to the two teeth side by side on the right side of my mouth? My fear of having a full denture. ....Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Expecting too much? I thought it was understood and agreed upon when I proceeded to get a partial, that it would (1) fit, (2) meet the bottom teeth it was above, so I could actually chew, and (3) look pretty much like the other teeth - specifically in length. What I got was a partial that is about half the length of the other teeth. I am told the problem is with MY TEETH! Was I expecting too much? ....Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • I lost 3 of my back top molars due to root canals and then the crowns breaking off. My doctor made me a partial but I can't wear it. It feels like I have a horse bit in my mouth. He now says maybe a Valplast would work better, because I told him I will take it out whenever I eat and that I only want it so I can smile and not have a big hole in my smile on the side of my mouth. I am wondering if I can get the mini snap on implants to anchor the valplast when I want to wear it during the day. The sinus cavity is too low to have implants and I am scared to death to get the sinus lift. Also, aren't there any other softer plastics than Valplast? I would be happy with even 1 tooth on the Valplast. ....Visitor from FL     (answer)

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