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Tori Ask The Dentist Corinne Scalzitti Question:
Mandibular Tori: I am 52 years of age and have had Mandibular Tori for as long as I can remember.

I have just recently learned that these growths are not natural. They seem to be growing as food gets caught under them causing considerable pain and discomfort.

What is the surgical procedure utilized to eliminate the Tori? ...Visitor from NV

Lots of people have tori.

What many people do not realize is that growing tori are caused by grinding or clenching their teeth, causing osteoblastic (bone growing cells) stimulation and the laying down of more bone.

So, I would suggest that you have a dentist carefully look at your teeth for signs of wear from grinding or erosion from clenching and have a night guard made to decrease the stimulation.

Surgery for tori involves cutting the tissue over the bone and removing the bony protuberences with a drill and bone file. I would suggest a consult with an oral surgeon for this procedure.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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