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FAQ:  Transparent Teeth

I have enamel loss and spots in my huge front teeth are growing transparent.

I understand what this means, but I have no insurance and when you tell dentists that they hang up on you.

How can dentists be so self-serving that they refuse to give you a payment plan? They would have many more customers, and make much more money, because the poor have jobs, just no insurance.

This is beyond sad, and I am only 24 and my teeth are acting like they'll be gone by the time I am 35. I am deeply saddened and outraged that no one cares for others anymore.

Is there anything I can do that I haven't thought of? ...Visitor from AR

Many dentists have access to third party financing like CareCredit. Assuming you are a credit worthy person, you should have no trouble at all.

Later, investigate some cheap insurance programs. There are lots of plans out there that start at $7-8 per month, which is incredably inexpensive considering what people spend on cell phones and internet access.

Editorial Staff

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