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FAQ:  Transparent Teeth

Bottom of front two teeth going slightly transparent: The bottom 2 millimeters of my front teeth have gone slightly transparent. The sides of them (next to the gap) have also gone slightly transparent as well.

Lately I've been worried they've been getting worse (more and more transparent). I also have been bulimic for 6 years, which is why I think my teeth turned slightly transparent, but have recently recovered.

Is it possible that the transparency is getting worse on it's own even though I take good care of my teeth? Also, are there any treatments/ways to prevent this or get rid of the transparency? ...Visitor from Malaysia

The most common cause for transparent teeth is overbrushing with teeth whitening tooth pastes and also home whitening kits.

Systemic issues can also play a role at times.

The best resource for determining if you have a systemic issue operating is a Periodontist. These specialists also have access to professional grade remineralizing agents that far outstrip what can be obtained over the counter.

If you are using any form of whitening products, stop, at least until you have consulted with a Periodontist.

Watch some of the videos listed on the link below.... some discuss the different causes of transparency issues and what can be done to prevent or control it:


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